Geometry Dash Guide, Secrets & Cheats

Discover best geometry dash guide and cheats.

Here is a series of geometry dash tips and tricks of for Android that will undoubtedly make the game much easier. As always from we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although it is possible that you will be very helpful to obtain certain Achievements.

Geometry dash guide & hacks:

Stuck in Geometry Dash Apk? we provide complete geometry dash guide for beat any level.

We all know the great and addictive Geometry Dash mod Apk, but surely you have frustrated yourself more than once to overcome of its intricate levels. It is a really difficult game, especially at the most advanced levels.

However, with the Geometry Dash tips and tricks that we give you below (and some determination and patience, of course) will not resist any of your screens. Take paper and pen and write down these tips to end once and for all with that happy level that you resist.

Rhythm and ability:

In geometry dash cheats, you can play well by keeping rhythm and ability. As you already know, Geometry Dash Apk is simply based on overcoming musical levels through its different game modes, although all are based on precision, avoiding obstacles and pure platforming.

  • Follow the rhythm: At all official levels and most of those created by the community, keeping up with the music will be a great help for you to move forward. In the most frenetic areas where the jumps are very hurried if you notice you will realize that you can overcome them simply by following the rhythm with your jumps. A very simple trick that will make areas that previously seemed impossible a children’s game.
  • Focus on only one level: If you jump from level to level trying to find an easier one, it will only frustrate you since the most advanced screens are all more complex, you will not find any easier. If you focus on finishing a single level you will gradually pick up the trick and eventually complete it. Do not get frustrated without you do not get it, the fun is in overcoming the obstacles that the game poses, in addition, the more you try you will feel better when you complete the screen.
  • Test community maps: If after a long try you can not overcome a level you can download and play one created by the community. Most are designed for experts, but if you look well you can find simpler maps to practice and catch skill until you are able to finish the one that you resisted.

How to improve geometry dash game?

Geometry Dash Guide

Geometry Dash is a game that requires a lot of skill and reflexes, do not despair if you fall again and again in the same place, or, you continually crash with the same wall of spikes. Even so, if you see that in no way you can not overcome that level that you have been practicing so much, we give you geometry dash hack for better game-play.


These tricks are best for both Geometry Dash, as for Geometry Dash Meltdown.

We leave you in the following list:

  • Do not hurry, use the practical mode: In practical mode we can create checkpoints at any time, in this way, we can go forward to the most convective areas and focus on them, although we must bear in mind, that the song of the level, so it will be harder for you, which brings us to …
  • Use music: This is not a strictly rhythmic title, but if we play only focusing on the visual, only with our reflections, it will be much more complicated. Use the rhythm and melodies in your favor, the obstacles are always synchronized so that you can even do it without looking once you have a mental map. Try it this way.
  • Keep pressed: It will seem stupid, but it is vital. If we keep our finger on the screen, the jump input , so that it will make the stair jump areas much easier for example. There are areas that can only be overcome like this, keep this in mind.
  • Remember: Another tip that may seem like bullshit, but, playing reflexes, the game is practically impossible. Try to remember the most difficult areas, or, those that need more attention how the gravity changes, or, rocket mini-games.

I hope this geometry dash guide and tricks will help you, but, remember, it’s just a game, and, from time to time, it’s best to stop for a while and try another time.