Geometry Dash Tips, Tricks, Hints, Secrets

Welcome to the geometry dash tips and tricks unlimited cheats on making levels [unlock levels].

These tips and hints will help you to be a pro at geometry dash. It includes geometry dash lite secret icons information for pro and new players.

Geometry dash Apk tricks and keys:

In a short time, Geometry Dash Mod Apk v2.2 has become one of the most downloaded games in mobile phones and tablets. It is a very simple but tremendously addictive puzzle game that has been among the most downloaded weeks.

Next, we review the main keys and tips of Geometry Dash Apk hack. A complete guide to overcoming with solvency a game that is not as easy as it seems.

Geometry Dash Tips

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Geometry dash cheats and tricks 2.2:

The objective:

In Geometry Dash cheats Apk we will have to move with a square. Our goal will be to avoid the peaks as they will take us to the top of the screen.

To move from one section of platforms to another we will jump with our cube. You have to be careful not to jump over the peaks. The basic principle is to observe obstacles and avoid them quickly and effectively.

Use the rockets properly:

From time to time we can use rockets. With them, we will dodge obstacles more quickly and effectively. The ideal is to always go for the average one, without going too high. They are not difficult to master, although their physics requires some learning.

The trick and cheat to slow down the game:

This is one of the premium tricks and cheats to slow down the game easily. For this cheat, just download our 100% geometry dash 2.0 lite version for free.

Beat the first levels:

Here is a complete guide to overcoming the first twelve levels of the game. In this way, you can learn the intrinsic mechanics of the game and confront the most complicated levels with ease.


Geometry Dash tips and tricks to overcome levels:

Geometry Dash is one of the most popular games. As every game has its tricks with which it is easier to overcome the most difficult levels of this game.


How to be a pro at geometry dash?

If you know pro tricks or you already read that tips and tricks then you can go further than any of your friends in this addictive game. The basis of the game is the memory because you have to memorize every obstacle that appears on the road so as not to trip twice with the same stone. However, reflections are also important when deciding what action should be taken.


Geometry dash secrets:

Geometry Dash is a 2D game that develops in a gridded world of psychedelic colors and that is played at great speed. It is a very addictive game. The controls of Geometry Dash are simple and intuitive, you just have to jump at the right time.

The first trick we have to take into account is to play in the practice mode, where the levels are easily overcome compared to the normal mode. You can also save the game as you go.

An interesting tip of the Geometry Dash Apk is to leave your finger pressed on the screen to perform continuous jumps without stopping. These jumps can be useful for when you have to make jumps followed at the same distance and height. The basis of this game is the memory, so you have to remember the jumps that are made to visually remember what to do in each section of the route.


How to play geometry dash?

When you start playing you will die many times until you get the wave. You have to remember where you have lost your life so that it does not happen again.

One of the keys to overcoming more easily each of the levels of the game is to pay attention to the music of each level. The rhythm of the music also marks the rhythm of the level being played and the notes that play in the background mark the jumps or “Taps” that must be made on the touch screen of the device.


How to get better at geometry dash?

Another aspect to take into account is “The ship”, in a specific place of the route of each level the character is transformed into a kind of spaceship. The handling of this ship is totally different from the way in which the jumps are made when in cube mode. 


The handling of the ship is done by pressing on the screen so that it rises and releases to lower it. However, you have to be careful that if you touch the top, bottom or if you hit an obstacle and lose stars. The key is to keep the ship right in the middle of the screen.

These geometry dash tips and tricks can be applied to both the Android version and the iOS version. The tricks should be used when we can not overcome a certain level, because if we abuse them the game will lose grace.